Members that switched across the past 3 months are estimated to save over $250 on average a year compared to their old electricity provider#
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how does it work

What’s an energy club?

We’re a New Zealand based energy retailer that believes in giving our members the best price we can.

Our members pay a weekly club fee ($2.40 for low users and $5 for standard users) and in return we give them low, ‘at cost’ electricity pricing every day and save our members loads on their electricity bills.

We’re different because, unlike ‘typical’ energy retailers that make profit from adding a percentage ‘mark-up’ on your electricity usage, our club-fee means we don’t make more profit if you use more power. This means we will do everything we can to help you save!

low price

Low Pricing

With energyclubnz you pay for your electricity at cost plus a small weekly Club Fee ($2.40 for Low Users and $5 per week for Standard Users).

You will receive 'low everyday rates' on your electricity which means that you know exactly what you will be paying. We don't do 'Spot pricing’.

smart tracking

Smart Tracking

With our flat priced, prompt weekly billing which is issued 2 days after your consumption week finishes you’ll find it really easy to connect how your power consumption behaviour affects the amount charged on your electricity bill.

To make it even easier, you can download our app from either the Apple or Android app stores or use your My Account online dashboard. We graphically display your energy consumption and you can check your balance or make payments.

hassle free

Hassle Free

At energyclubnz we make it as easy and fair for our customers as we can.

This means:

  • No fixed term contracts - we don't lock you in under any fixed terms, you are free to leave whenever you like or need (but with our low, fair pricing we think you might choose to stay)
  • No risk - we have a flat rate and don't expose our customers to spot price fluctuations
  • No paperwork - our easy signup process is entirely online based
  • Easy switch - you fill in your details into the online signup process and we'll handle everything from there! Too easy!

# based on recent bill comparisons done across the past quarter by households who have joined energyclubnz. Annual estimation uses the average residential electricity consumption profile by network.